An exhibition by Ydessa Hendeles
Curated by Philip Larratt-Smith

Institute of Contemporary Arts, London
24 March – 17 May 2015

Exhibition supported by the Ydessa Hendeles Exhibition Supporters Group,
including: Bruce and Sam Bailey, Claridge’s, Wendy Fisher and The Kirsh
Foundation, Jerry Gorovoy, Vincent Tangredi, Iwan and Manuela Wirth

With thanks to Canada House for its support

Ydessa Hendeles
Stuart Mullin
Michael Buchanan
Duncan Walker
Marco Cheuk
Jason Sadlowski
Gregor Muir
Katharine Stout
Karen Turner
Sam Martin
Elizabeth Davies
Naomi Crowther
Annie Rudnick
Gillian Da Costa
Sutton PR
Olivia Cerio
Nadine Thompson

Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation
Post Office Box 757, Station F
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 2N6

Photography: Robert Keziere
Editing: Wayne Gooding
Design: Lisa Kiss Design, Toronto